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Net Contents:
30ml - 1 fl oz

Kona Deep Sea Water, Natural Essential Oils, Silver Mica, Ti Leaf Extract, Organic Kukui Oil, Vitamin E (Plant Based)

AlohaKahu Organic Facial Mist

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    The main ingredient of our Facial Mist is deep-sea water from the Kona area.Our Mist penetrates your skin to provide minerals to the deepest layers, leaving your skin supple and moisturized.It isn’t just for your face either̶you can spray it on your hair and body as well!

    主成分はお肌に優しいハワイ島コナ地区の海洋深層水。体液に近いミネラルバランスと高い浸透力で深部まで潤いを届けます。日焼け後など肌トラブル時の ”レスキューコスメ”としても。 顔・髪・全身にOK!

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